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The primary mission of the library is to support the educational and research programs of the Kerala Agricultural University by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational and research functions of the institute. The secondary mission is, to serve as a resource centre for the scholars and scientific community of the country. The library offers services such as Reference Services, Referral Services, User Guidance Services, Circulation Services including Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery Service, display of recent additions of periodicals, books and theses, Bibliographic Service, Photocopy Service, Literature search, Internet Browsing, CD-ROM Search, Consultancy Service, User Education, etc.


Monday to Saturday 8 am to 7 pm
Second Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sundays 8 am to 2 pm
Library will remain closed on all Public holidays

Arrangement of Books

Books are classified and arranged as per Dewey Decimal Classification. OPAC - Computerized Open Access Catelogue is available to locate the documents.

Book Loan System

  • Regular Members will be provided with Digital ID Card which is a must at the time of circulation process and eligible numbers of Borrower's Tickets.
  • Regular Members are eligible for borrowing books as detailed below:
Category No. of Books Loan Period
UG Students 4 15 days
PG Students 4 15 days
Teaching Staff 5 30 days
Non-Teaching Staff 4 30 days
  • Overdue charges is Re. 1.00 per day per book after Due Date
  • Renewal of Due Date is permitted, if the particular book is not on demand by other members. Book for renewal should be produced at the Circulation Counter.
  • Books of high demand will be issued only for shorter period as per the discretion of the Librarian. Reference Books, Theses, Journals and CDs are not for issue on loan.
  • Any library material on loan may be recalled at any time by the Librarian irrespective of the loan period or category of the user.
  • Before leaving the counter, the member must ensure that the Book issued to him / her is in good condition and the member will be responsible for any damage discovered at the time of returning the book.
  • Damage / Loss of book on loan should be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing.
  • Loss of Borrower's Ticket should be reported to the Librarian for further action.
  • Members are liable to surrender all Borrowers' Tickers and Library ID Card at the time of closure of membership to obtain "Non Liability Certificate" from the Central Library.

Plea to the Readers

  • Sign in "Visitors' Register" before entering the library. Your signature is the evidence of your prestigious visit to the Library, is a token of your respect to the Library and study materials, helps in preparing user statistics.
  • Do not bring your personal belongings (bag, file, packet, umbrella, cap, etc.) inside the library.
  • Do not use your books / note books, CDs, Pen drives etc. inside the library. You are allowed to bring loose paper sheets / reference cards for note-making. CDs, if required, will be supplied by the library on payment.
  • Keep absolute silence in the library. Switch off your mobile phone inside the library
  • Handle the books with care. Co-operate to preserve our repository. To tear off the pages of books / journals means to cheat your friend who is also in need of the information contained in it.
  • Please do not misplace the books on the racks.
  • Borrower's tickets are not transferable. Loss of a ticket will lead to its misuse by others, and you may have to be responsible for a costly book. Ensure that your tickets are not used by others.
  • Solicited your co-operation for the efficient functioning of the library and information system.

Damage/Loss of Book

Damage or loss of books on loan should be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing. Members are liable to replace such books with a copy of the same/latest edition within one month of its reporting. If not returned within the date specified, members are liable to pay overdue charges fixed for the period up to its reporting in writing from the due date. If the documents could not be replaced, the member shall pay compensation at the following rates:

i.        For the books published before 1990 - 3 times + 20% of the actual cost

ii.       For the books published 1990 or later - 2 times + 20% of the actual cost


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Kerala Agricultural University
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K.A.U. Main Campus
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